Handicap Accessible

Our elevator addition with concrete drive and handicap parking.
All floors are wheelchair accessible.

Handicap Parking First United Methodist, Church Moweaqua IL

Elevator, First United Methodist Church, Moweaqua IL

We have had many wonderful comments on what a great addition to our church the elevator has been. It's there for everyone's convenience. If you have questions on the operation please call the church office or ask Pastor.

If you would like to use the elevator durning the week, please call the office first so the doors can be unlocked.

Donations are always welcome for any of our ongoing projects.

Stained Glass Window First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL

All God's People in
All Places,
And in
All times,
Are Called to Love,
And to Serve...

First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL
First United Methodist Church
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