Administrative Board

Chairman – Bob Dorsey
Vice-Chairman – Michael Seitz
Secretary – Iona VanFleet
Annual Conference Lay Member – Mary Ann Hedges
Alternate Conference Member – Howard Stombaugh
Finance Chair – Michael Seitz
Education Chair – Marcia Berg
Worship/Altar Chair – TBA
Trustee Chair – Duane Downs
Pastor/Parish Chair – Don Henry
Church Treasurer – Jill Minott
Financial Secretary – Angie Funneman
UMW Chair – Iona Van Fleet
UMM Chair – Wayne Lowry
Youth Leaders – Shawn Conlin (Jr. High), Roel Villanueva (Sr. High)
Camping Coordinator – Cinda Villanueva
Representative of Nurturing Ministries – Iona VanFleet
Representative of Outreach Ministries – Lynnette Dehority
Representative of Witness Ministries – Pat Jordan
Missions Committee – Howard Stombaugh/Brenda Alward

Jim Jordan, Dallas Seitz, Bob Dorsey

Stained Glass Window First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL

All God's People in
All Places,
And in
All times,
Are Called to Love,
And to Serve...

First United Methodist Church Moweaqua IL
First United Methodist Church
222 North Hanover St.
Moweaqua, IL 62550-1160

Rev. Pat Allin
Church Office 217-768-4860

Office Hours:
8am - 12pm Monday - Friday