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Sunday Service News

Added on 1.24.23

First United Methodist Church ServicesWorship service time at FUMC Moweaqua - 9:00 a.m.

Hello Church Family, and welcome to the fourth week of 2023!

Yesterday we started looking at Workable Keys to Church Growth to help ourselves to see how God is inviting us to join Him where's at work in 2023. We examined 2 Kings 4:1-2 and saw that it's possible for a local church to decline even though its members are good Christian folks who love and serve the Lord The possible reason for this is that loving and serving the Lord is a relative categorization. So, we must have to examine ourselves constantly to ensure we're serving the Lord not according to our patterns but His. The story in our text shows us two keys we can start working with immediately: prayer and knowing and using what we have, even if it's a little jar of oil. Our little jar of oil might be our position of influence in the church, family, community, and among our friends; it may be a gift/talent or a God-giving passion; it may be the desire to give more of our time and resources to our church's ministry. Our action plan is to write down the names of people we know in our community who are yet to be Christians or Christians who are yet to find a church family. Our responsibility is to start praying for these individuals, identify a need or needs they may have, prayerfully discern how we might meet these needs, and graciously and constantly invite them to join us for worship with our church family. May the Lord help us to add work to our faith as we labor together to lift our congregation to greater heights in Jesus' name, AMEN!

In our Joys and Concerns - Let us continue to pray for one another, those trusting God for healing recovery, those on vacation, and all our snowbirds.

May our week be blessed!

Jemiriye Fakunle | Lead Pastor

News & Events


  • First United Methodist Church Services
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  • Communion Sunday - Join us the first Sunday of each month for Communion. All are welcome!

  • Jan 23rd - 6:30pm Bible Study
  • Jan 24th - 6:30pm SPRC meeting
  • Jan 30th - 6:30pm Bible Study

  • Februrary
  • Feb 1st - 6:00pm Vision Retreat at 1st UMC. It’s a gathering for us to come and reason together as leaders of our congregation to reflect on where we come from, where we are, and where we desire to be in the foreseeable future. All members of the Administrative Council including all Committee members are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Feb 6th - 6:30pm Bible Study
  • Feb 7th - 7:00pm Trustee Meeting
  • Feb 13th - 6:30pm Bible Study
  • Feb 18th - 9:00am-12:30pm Sangamon District Men's Summit
  • Feb 20th - 6:30pm Bible Study
  • Feb 27th - 6:30pm Bible Study

  • Roel and the 1-N-Christ Youth will be selling Chili-Mac for Super Bowl Sunday to raise funds for their Mission Trip to Savanna in June. Each ½ gallon container is by free will donation and is typically enough for 4 people. Please call or text your order to Roel at 217-855-2014 or call the church office 768-4860. Orders can be picked up Sunday, February 12 from 11 AM-2 PM.

  • The Food Pantry needs some basic items: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, sugar, salt & pepper, flour etc.… Please place your donations in the box in the Wesley Room by the office.

  • Bible Study - where we'll continue looking at Understanding the Old and New Covenant. Please feel free to join us whenever you're able. This teaching will enlarge your Christian capacity and growth as Christ's disciple and empower you to be a disciple-making Christian.

  • Copies of Pastor's new book, Understanding the Power of Prayer, are available in the church office for folks who would like to get more copies for loved ones. Please call Angie and give the names you want on your copies so I can have them signed for you. Thank you everyone for your support.

  • Please join us on Sunday mornings at 8:15 a.m. before our worship service for a cup of coffee and fellowship!!

  • Attendance - Please know you all matter, and we all matter as we continue to gather, lifting up the name of our Lord and getting equipped to reach our community with the Gospel of Peace and Love. I want to encourage us individually to make it a part of our commitment to God and our church this year to cultivate the culture of inviting others to join us for worship. May the Lord increase us this year, AMEN!

Sangamon District Men's Summit

Added on 1.13.23

Sangamon District Men's Summit

Sangamon River District Superintendent Rev Brad Watkins Invites All

Feb 18th, 9:00-12:30, Pawnee United Methodist Church

For Registration text UMM to 22828

For more information contact:
Mark Dehority, 415 East South Street, Moweaqua, IL 62550
Phone 217-412-0124 or email:

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Dynamic Christianity

Added on 1.5.23

First United Methodist Church Services It is my pleasure to welcome you into the New Year. As the year begins to take shape, I would like to offer a few words for us to ponder. One of the emphases of Christ, as revealed in the Scriptures, is the call for those who follow Him to be the salt of the earth and be light to this dark world. One notable thing about salt and light is that each element has a distinct and outstanding effect on its surroundings. So, it's impossible to taste salt and not feel it, and whenever light comes, everyone knows because now, we can see things more clearly.

This Christians' way of being in the world is recorded in Matthew 5:13a and 14a: It simply says, "You are the salt of the earth. You are the Light of the world" (CEB). In these few words, Christ laid out the Christian life and responsibility. Everyone knows that salts serve the purposes of sweetening, penetrating, purifying, healing, and preserving. And that's what we are to be to the world, our families, and communities. This is vital. We live in an age where many Christians are allowing society to force them away from the way of being salt and light in a dark, decaying, and dying world. Some Christians have removed the idea of influencing others for Christ entirely from their lives. They are unconcerned about letting God use them to bring others into the saving knowledge of Christ. Yet to be present in this world, as Christians, is to be witnesses for Christ.

Friends, in the year 2023, let’s become a people sold out to Jesus completely. We need to remind ourselves that the salt-less Christian is good for nothing. In all we do and wherever we go in the new year, let’s ask the Lord to constantly make the aroma of Christ to ooze out of our lives like never before. Our presence, words, and actions must begin to point those within our circles to the Man Jesus, who died and rose again for the world's sins. In the ways we handle our challenges and how we celebrate our successes, we must be determined that Jesus must be honored, glorified, and preached through our lives.

May our light shine brightly for Jesus to the end that we and everyone within our circles may walk in the newness of life, hope, and refreshing in this year and beyond through Jesus Christ, our Lord, AMEN!

I call you blessed!
Pastor Jemiriye

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