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Services Canceled Until Further Notice

Updated on 03.31.20 Ongoing Notice

First United Methodist Church Cross

In order to honor the request of our Bishop, and Governor who has ordered a "Shelter-in-Place", church services are CANCELED and the office is closed until further notice. Our prayers are with each and everyone of you... please stay in, stay healthy and safe.

If there is an emergency and you are in need of pastoral care, contact Pastor Pat by calling or texting her at 815-867-0687. More contact information is listed at the bottom of the page if it isn't an emergency.

Hymns Played by Jordan Villanueva

Added on 04.2.20

First United Methodist Church ServicesHymns to lift your spirits and help everyone get thru these trying times.  Our thanks go to Jordan for sharing his talents so we can ALL enjoy!

These links will each open in a new window so you can keep them open to listen and replay. Make sure you have your sound turned up and keep the song playing in the background while you do other things online.

Hear I Am Lord

Freely Freely

Lord of the Dance

Pass It On

Shine Jesus Shine

Self Guided Services

Added on 04.2.20

First United Methodist Church Services

Below are links to the Self Guided Worship Plans from Pastor Pat. They will each open in a new window, and in .pdf format to make it easier to print and use. Please share this with others.

Self Guided Worship Plan for March 22, 2020

Self Guided Worship Plan for March 29, 2020

Self Guided Worship Plan for April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday

From the Bishops

Added on 03.25.20

First United Methodist Church Prayer
Note From Moweaqua UMC: Please help us to continue this daily.

Council of Bishops To the People of the United Methodist Church,
We join with Pope Francis in calling for prayer today, March 25, drawing strength from the Annunciation (Luke 1. 26-38), as we are approximately nine months from the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We invite all to pray to God to rid the world of the coronavirus pandemic. And all are urged to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon in their own time zones. In the words of Pope Francis, “We wish to respond to the pandemic of the virus with the universality of prayer, of compassion and tenderness.” As we prepare to celebrate the resurrection at Easter, we have sure trust and confidence that God will hear the united prayers of the church across the world.

From Pastor Pat

Added on 03.25.20

First United Methodist Church Listen to the Words “But I’m bored” This might be something you have heard recently, or maybe even said. I know I have said it before. Usually it means I am not liking what is going on in front of me, it has no interest for me, I want to be entertained, I want to do something else. It might also mean someone has told me I can’t do something. I can’t go outside, or I have to stay in math class, or I have to stay at home. It wasn’t my idea and so the child in me rebels. Sometimes it is a little rebellion- cue the doodles in my notebooks in school, sometimes it is a bigger rebellion- cue the missing the meeting without a good excuse.

As a people these past weeks, and weeks coming up, we have been told to stay at home. At first it might have seemed like a good thing. We think to ourselves I can get all those projects done I’ve never had time to do. Maybe in your house that worked, but I’m guessing in many houses, mine included, the glitter on that thought didn’t last long and those projects are still waiting.

What to do about it? One suggestion from a conversation I had was to make a list. Actually write out those projects. Put them on paper. Or you can make a schedule for your day. Give your time some structure. If you want to read a book or watch a movie, schedule it. There are other ways to combat the feeling of being shut in, out of control of our own lives, do what works best for you. Above all else, make time for prayer and listening to God. Schedule it, list it, whatever it takes, but connect with God.

Online Services

Added on 03.20.20

First United Methodist Church Services

Click below to pick and view worship services online from the United Methodist Communications.

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